26 November 2013

The Dark Poets Remix 'Calling Colin Dale' and 'Punish Me with Your Love' for Mike & Rob at Jambalay records...

Just to let you know - we have recently been involved in a Jambalay project for 'Mike & Rob' in respect of legendary Techno DJ Colin Dale. The Dark Poets have two mixes on the compilation out now. Celebrating the legend that is dance floor filler DJ and Producer Colin Dale. You can download out mixes from all the usual outlets...

Mike & Rob 'Calling Colin Dale' - The Dark Poets 'Onto the battlefield remix'

Mike & Rob 'Calling Colin Dale' - The Dark Poets 'The Path in the forest remix' : :

eMusic :

Juno Download :

The Dark Poets also feature on the Mike & Rob 'Jambalay' EP "Punish me with your Love" The Dark Poets very dirty remix appears on the E.P. Alongside, some big names including, Andre Sihe, DJ Folksta, and special guests Jordan Fields and Orlando Voorn - Links below. : :

Juno Download :



22 October 2013

'The Dark Poets' are currently preparing launch of the next album.

It's a couple of months off yet, as artwork, promotion and distribution are currently in the works. It's the best stuff we've ever produced, featuring some unforgettable tracks and gratefully received celebrity appearances.

In the meantime here's a taster of things to come...please feel free to promote and share our videos and links in the run up to the album launch. Your support is as ever, very much appreciated.

For starters, here's the montage video for 'The Dark Poets Vs The Great Dictator' "Machine Men". The track will be appearing on the album. Featuring samples from the legendary Charlie Chaplin from the 1940 film 'The Great Dictator' which although also being something of a propaganda movie, also gave rise to one of the most beautiful and idealistic cries for peace and sanity in Chaplins iconic political speech.

Here we have placed fragments of the speech over a layer of hard 'banging' aggressive techno. The video montage is self explanatory and appropriate considering the tracks political content. We have it within all of us to help create a better world...simple compassion and thoughtfulness is the beginning of it. Anyway, enough preaching....enjoy the track and video. Peace.

5th October.2013



Santonio Echols and Mike Young Lion Anderson

The Dark Poets Remix

The Dark Poets were honoured to feature on this new release from Chapter 2 Recordings featuring Sanonio Echols -Santonio Echols is one of the first wave of techno producers out of Detroit. introduced to Kevin Saunderson, and later formed the famed group 'Reese & Santonio'. Here on this track featuring long time Dark Poets collaborator Mike Anderson - They together produce this pumping club creation...The EP also features The likes of legendary Dutch producer Orlando Voorn
with remixes from Austrian DJ / Producer Clemens Neufeld as well as master Jordan Fields and the main man at Jambalay records Roberto Milanesi.

The Dark Poets Mix is a pretty chilled out affair inspired by mixing classic electro elements with 21st century Dub noise.

Orlando Voorn
Clemens Neufeld
Jordan Fields
James R Hunter (THE DARK POETS)
Roberto Milanesi


Out Now The Dark Poets Remix of 'The Fellowship' buy here:


Juno Records:

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22nd March 2013

Prime Time: The Dark Poets

Release Date: 2013-04-30

New release on Jambalay records


The Dark Poets: Prime time - out now





Following the Gary Lucas vs the Dark Poets album "Beyond the Pale" a few mixes that were hanging around got a remixing - including track from the album 'Prime Time' by the Dark Poets. This version does not feature Garys Glittering guitar, but instead is something of a dancefloor workout. Featuring the Vocal talents of James R Hunter and Sarah Hilliard. This mix was worthy of a release on it's own.

You can also hear the E.P. on spotify.

Also featuring on the release are a bunch of excellent remixes. Including the no-holds-barred beefy digitalism of The Big Robot's ( Breakbeat remix to Form Constants drum and base homage 'It's all love' featuring Sarah Hilliard's vocal prominently. The last mix features the remixing talents of 'Stitch' from Mainstream Distortion and ExNine (

1. Prime Time : The Dark Poets Electro Mix
2. Prime Time : 'The Big Robot Remix'
3. "It's All Love" : by Form Constant
4. Prime Time : 'Stitched to Fuck Mix'

Prime Time
Genre: Dance - House - Electro
Release Date: 2013-04-30
Price: EP (2.99 € / 3.99 $)
Release Copyright: The Dark Poets
Visual Copyright: The Dark Poets
Production Year: 2013
# Tracks: 4
Duration: 00:19:16

Photography by John Bruce.

Dark Poets - Prime Time -Stitch to f*ck Mix (Featuring Sarah Hilliard)

The Dark Poets - Prime Time - The Big Robot remix (Featuring Sarah Hilliard)

20th December 2011


The Dark Poets present "A boot Stamping on a human face forever"

Yup...That's a big slice of 'Drum & Orwell, From James...who's been tucked away from the tribe. As appropriate these days as it was in 1948' science-fiction has to often make the current times truths palatable. If you live in the UK and have no idea why a Drum and Bass track featuring samples from from the film of George Orwells "Nineteen Eighty Four" could possibly be relevent...well...'don't say we never told you so' ...and by the way, that's both friendly advice and a heart-felt warning...

Featuring samples taken from "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (sometimes 1984) based upon George Orwell's novel of the same name, The film was written and directed by Michael Radford and stars John Hurt and the late great Richard Burton in his final film role.


Copyright Control Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. (MGM)
Copyright Permission sought. The Dark Poets.

20th August 2011

CRADLE OF FEAR - THE DARK POETS EP - released with extra tracks

The Dark Poets: Breakbeat Halowe'en featuring Kontour


We've recently renewed our download distribution of our tracks that featured on the original 'Cradle of Fear' soundtrack album. The tracks 'Breakbeat Halowe'en' & 'It Doesn't matter' are old favourites from the film Soundtrack and still prove to be popular with Goths and Breakers alike.

We have extended the release and are proud to bring you “Breakbeat Halowe'en 2012' featuring KONTOUR.

For those of you who have a taste for deep dark leftfield electronica – you'll know Kontour as something of a leading UK artist in the realms of dark experimental electronic music. His album 'Scanners' on Some Bizzare received much critical acclaim - As an artist, Kontour stands alone with respect in his own right. ( more at We teamed up – remixing and beefing up our original 'Breakbeat Halowe'en' – Kontour providing his trademark effects laden warped vocals.

The result as you'll hear is pretty damn terrifying....and you can still dance to it! The scream samples were taken from 'Cradle of Fear' - (of course).

More at
Thanks to

You can also hear the E.P. on spotify.

We've also included the track 'Headfuck' on the EP. It just kind of fitted – although it doesn't appear on the soundtrack of Cradle of Fear – it does however appear on the soundtrack of Paul Shrimpton's short film 'Teleportal' (see videos section) - It seemed appropriate to finally put it out. Industrial Techno Headfuck anybody? A quality mix by Dark Poet Leigh.

These tracks are out now and available for download – we're assured that they shall soon be made available on spotify and other international download sites over the coming weeks.

also check out Cradle of Fear on Emusic

For now you can download the revised Cradle of Fear – The Dark Poets EP from these stores...

iTunes UK

iTunes US



25th July 2011

Don't Step: Deep Conversations - Dark Poets Mixes released

Last year the Dark Poets started a series of recordings with Dark Poet DJ Mike Anderson taking place between the UK and Italy - we also did a couple remixes for his project 'Deep Conversations' with 'Uusikartano' aka Croatian dj/producer Stipe Poljiak. Check him out - -

The Mixes of the 'Deep Conversations: Don't Step E.P. simply titled "Dark Poets remix and 'The Dark Poets Mind your language remix' (featuring guitar samples by Marcus Richardson) have now been released by

Well worth checking out - there's also some excellent mixes on the ep featuring 'AciDToyz', 'Sweet dream flowers' and 'The Association.'

Enjoy!!! Play Loud!

You can cehck out the dark poets mixes free - just check 'Deep Conversations' - 'Don't Step' on Spotify:

Here's The Dark Poets Remix (a slice of hard dance)


Here's The Dark Poets 'Mind Language' Remix...a far more chilled out dubby affair.


purchase legally from these vendors.

Beatport »
iTunes » » »
Juno Download »


12th January 2011

Form Constant vs The Dark Poets "It's All Love"



Good friend of the band, long time rave scene DJ and fast up and coming producer Form Constant (aka DJ Nitrus) has done an excellent job of cutting up some mixes we gave him - If you're looking for some filthy dark drum and break action - look no further. The track not only features a prominent appearance from Sarah, Pure Drum and Bass dancefloor filth!

We're dropping an extended promo edit on you - enjoy...

Check it out and download from Beatport


28th June 2010

Best of Myspace

Late news just in... Best of Myspace - The best new music on myspace as nominated by the listeners

The Gary Lucas Vs The Dark Poets track “Prime Time” from our album 'Beyond the Pale' has been nominated for inclusion in the Best of Myspace 98 Podcast Presented and put together by NME Music Journalist Gill Mills and her team.

Best of MySpace spoon feeds you the best new and undiscovered music to be found on the web. Hosted by new music scout Gill Mills 'BoM' delivers 10 brand new bands each week, and with a list of previous acts reading like a who's who of new music you can be sure that the bands are going places.

Gill Mills.

Gill and her team of dedicated music hounds scour the site and listen to your recommendations each week to find the freshest and most exciting new music. check out the bands that aired on BoM before they were anywhere else: Yeasayer, Midnight Juggernauts, Ladyhawke, Micachu, White Lies, La Roux, Crystal Castles, Little Boots, Los Campesinos!, Late Of The Pier and Scouting for Girls to name a few.


You can hear Gary Lucas Vs The Dark Poets on the Best of Myspace Podcast 98.
Podcast posted Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010



itunes Podcast link

24th June 2010

Farmacia Remixes

Things are pretty busy behind the scenes with the Dark Poets and co. Expect a whole bunch of remixes and honoured celeb guest appearances in the works...more news on all that to be updated on these pages over the coming months. We're sure you're not to be disappointed .

Our latest remix is a re-working of our Argentinian pals 'Farmacia' and their track “Todo esta bien” Farmacia Vs The Dark Poets – Now We Are Free Mix). We hope you can listen to “Todo esta bien” on the player below,

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Farmacia also appear with us on the Some Bizzare Double Album, with their track “Estas Tecnicas” - If you don't already have a copy – see our downloads and buy online section.

For more on the 'Farmacia' Boys...check out:

...stay tuned.

4th March 2010

Ever feel like your mind is forever...

...being smashed violently against the concrete steps? Here's a representation of the existential agony in film and song form... enjoy...

Visual: "Endless Zoom" By Alex Chandon
Music: "It's So Cold" by The Dark Poets
Copyright 2001 -2010 The Dark Poets / Some Bizzare

"It's So Cold' by The Dark Poets - Taken from the ongoing online music anthology "Dead Steps" Currently available for Free Download here

9th December 2009


Film By Paul Shrimpton - Nuisance Films
Music By The Dark Poets...


A Gory bloodbath of Splatter fuelled Zombie Violence... You'll never look at your playstation the same way again!! Big Thanks to Paul Shrimpton for being ubercool and Alex Chandon for spreading more filth...

"Teleportal Theme" - Simon Ward / James R hunter
Copyright 2009 The Dark Poets / somebizzare

21st September 2009 (Updated 5.10.2013)

Gary Lucas Vs The Dark Poets

Fast becoming something of a collectable record. There's talk of a repress, however if you havn't already bought a copy of this album of our joining forces with Grammy nominated guitarist Gary Lucas....There are still a few going on here

The Album has been deleted from the is unavailable from electonic stores unless in CD format. Check GENEPOOL RECORDS to buy direct

The Dark Poets Vs Gary Lucas: Real Horrorshow

Legendary Grammy Nominated Guitarist and songwriter Gary Lucas Goes Head to head with young highly respected underground British cutting edge outfit 'The Dark Poets' – on a remarkable album that already has people talking! Gary Lucas is an acclaimed American guitarist and international recording artist with over a dozen solo albums to date. He has played and collaborated with Leonard Bernstein, Captain Beefheart, Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Lou Reed, John Cale, Nick Cave, Bryan Ferry, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Electronic Gods 'The Future Sound of London' and Allen Ginsberg amongst many others. Eccentric British electronica producer James R. Hunters group 'The Dark Poets' are one of the hottest and most original cutting edge underground electronic acts around. Having produced records and soundtracks for award winning films and features 'Cradle of Fear' (Alex Chandon 2001) and 'Borderline' – as well as a number of underground hits.

Staying on the Gary Lucas Vs The Dark Poets theme.. album site for 'Beyond the Pale' has gone up at - If you're not aware of our album with the award winning guitarist, this site makes a nice introduction. Check it out...There are a few broken links but this will be sorted soon.

Sarah Hilliard, Gary Lucas & James R. Hunter
Photography by Maria Zajdler

25th July 2009

New track release: Electro Is Dead by The Problem Being.

Our Remix of our good pals London electro act's single 'Electro is Dead' by 'The Problem Being' - Check out our beefed up stomping club mix of this cheeky slice of electro glam pop!

We Currently have the remix up at Soundcloud :


The Problem Being - Electro is Dead - Out Now



     Watch the video:

Directed by Simon Kennedy.

2nd July 2009

The updated site finally materialises.

To Start off's a free mp3 we leaked from an earlier version of this site featuring singer/songwriter Fran Lazarski. It was only originally intended as a free Mp3 but has proven to be popular, running up over 1000 hits. A fan has leaked it onto youtube...and so we thought we'd post it here for you...Check out, classic drum and bass from the Dark Poets back catalogue....

The Dark Poets 'The Fear' Featuring Fran Lazarski


Thanks to Fran Lazarski for vocals and Omerta Moondust for posting

Expect more music and video to be added soon.

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