Beyond The Pale - Gary Lucas vs The Dark Poets

Some Bizzare Records 2008

Featuring tracks by Gary Lucas and The Dark Poets.

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Track Listing:

01 The Judgement at Midnight (From Dusk to Dawn Mix)
02 Prime Time
03 The Diabolical Principle
04 Real Horrorshow
05 Hugh's Graveyard Stomp Revisited
06 Charm Offensive
07 The Judgement at Midnight (Grid Remix)

Also featuring the Gary Lucas Tracks:

Breath Of Bones
Rosemarys Baby
Procuress from Karmelitska street
And You Will
Rise Up To Be
Ted's Theme
Aguirre (Lacrime di Re)/The Sheep look up

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The Only Failure is to Cease to Try - Some Bizzare Double Album

Some Bizzare Records 2008

Featuring: Gary Lucas vs The Dark Poets - 'The Judgement At Midnight (From Dusk to Dawn Mix)'.

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Also featuring: The Grid, Dj Swamp, Kontour, Lucid Sketchmaster, Mothboy, Pedro INF, Risque, First Aid 4 Souls, Figs, Toykult, Euphoric Insanity, A Girl and A Gun, Satanicpornocultshop, Farmacia, The Knobster, Gl1tchg0r3, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Odessa, Rev Spook, Heraclite, Sgure, Fear Of Dolls, Guggi, Fickle Mistress, Asymptote, Auxilya, Circuitry Man, Zqaty, Misty Woods & Warboy, Ganpol & Mit, Crackdown (Feat: Andrea B./Division Kent) Kashioboy, and Sudden Infant.

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Heat: The Remixes - Soft Cell

Universal / Mercury / Some Bizzare

Featuring The Dark Poets remix of 'Barriers'

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Track Listing

Memorabilia Cicada remix
Bedsitter Manhattan Clique remix
Tainted Love Dakeyne remix
Youth The Memory Band remix
Torch Manhattan Clique remix ( edit )
Where The Heart Is Marcas Lancaster remix
Seedy Films Richard X remix
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - Marcas Lancaster remix
What Plastiq remix
Numbers Spectrum remix
Insecure Me - Trevor Jackson Playgroup remix ( edit )
Soul Inside Readers Wifes remix
A Man Can Get Lost Marcello remix
Heat Yer Man remix
Meet Murder My Angel Marc Almond & Kinky Roland remix
Sex Dwarf The Grid remix
Baby Doll Nitewreckers remix
Secret Life George Demure remix
Chips On My Shoulder Mark Moore & Kinky Roland remix
Barriers Dark Poets remix
Surrender To A Stranger MHC remix ( edit )
Little Rough Rhinestone Solvent remix
Frustration Punx Soundcheck remix
The Art of Falling Apart Atomizer remix
Her Imagination Monkey Farm Frankenstein remix
Martin Nitewreckers remix

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Redefining The Prologue 1981-2006 - Some Bizzare Artists

Some Bizzare records 2006

Featuring The Dark Poets track 'Crazy'.

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Also Featuring: Depeche Mode, Einsturzende Neubauten, Soft Cell, The Grid, Monkey Farm Frankenstein, Meka, The The, Foetus, Cabaret Voltaire, Dave Ball, Swans, Psychic TV, ZGA, and Mainstream Distortion.

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Cradle Of Fear (Film Soundtrack)

Silvascreen records 2003
Cat: Horror 667

The official soundtrack to Alex Chandons 'Cradle of Fear' - Featuring The Dark Poets tracks: 'BreakBeat Halowe'en' and 'It Doesn't Matter'. The album also features Cradle of Filth, Calyx, Quicksilver, D.O.P.E., Lungworm, Intense, Slacker and Jezebel.

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Also of interest...

Cradle of Fear (2001 Pragmatic Pictures)

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Directed by Alex Chandon. Starring: Dani Filth, Eileen Daly, Emily Bouffante, Stuart Laing. Original Score by The Dark Poets.

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